Why Buy a Home in St Clair Shores

Feb 28, 2022 | Real Estate

St Clair Shores can be characterized as the jewel in the crown that is the greater Detroit, Michigan area. The area is unofficially dubbed “The Gateway to the Great Lakes” precisely because it is the conduit that connects a revitalizing industrial city with the beauty of Lake St Clair. It also includes a larger access to both Lake Huron to the north and Lake Erie to the south. It’s no wonder that families and many others like to call this community home because of both the location and the abundance of activities available to everyone.

Buy a St Clair Shores Home

According to Zillow, St Clair Shores reports an 11.7% (year-over-year) increase in home prices. Like the remainder of the state of Michigan and the country, home prices have appreciated due to market conditions. The good news is that homes remain available in the area. It is by no means out of reach for those looking for a new place to call home.

With the market conditions changing up the typical home buying process that many have experienced for a decade or more, you need an experienced real estate agent like those on the team at REALTEAM. Our agents have dealt with the market and truly understand the ins and outs of the brave new world. They know the extra little things that can help your offer land you a contract in a heated market. They also work with mortgage brokers to facilitate a quick and easy mortgage process.

St Clair Shores Is a Great Place to Live

With numerous marinas and other boating-related businesses dotting the area, St Clair Shores is the boating capital of Michigan. This pairs well with living close to Detroit proper. The city can offer a great place to work. It a fun place to play and live on the evenings and weekends. With remote work taking off, you still have excellent infrastructure to support working from home while evenings and weekends provide an opportunity for boating or other fun activities.

If you are a fan of activities beyond boating, then the musical and hockey scenes of the area provide great entertainment. Another fun venue is the Nautical Mile which features a nautical flair comprised of restaurants, retail shops, and boating resources. There are also a number of hockey-related venues and other civic recreation choices.

The school system in St Clair Shores is strong as well. There are three school districts located in the area, with South Lake Schools serving the southern portion of the city, the newer Lakeview Public Schools serving the middle portion of the city, and Lake Shores Public Schools serving the north end. Lastly, private, parochial schools are also relatively abundant and offer additional educational opportunities.

Let REALTEAM Help You Find Your Perfect Home

It’s no secret that St Clair Shores is a great place to live. Many REALTEAM agents proudly call St Clair Shores home and enjoy their involvement in the local community. If you are interested in real estate in the St Clair Shores area, then REALTEAM is your team of seasoned real estate professionals that can help you find just the right home. Any of our agents can guide you through the home buying process, from start to finish. They will answer your questions in language that you can understand and will be able to provide insight on the market trends in the area (and beyond).

If you are interested in purchasing a home in the St Clair Shores area and would like to begin the process or even ask some questions first, please contact REALTEAM today!


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