Selling A Home In Warren Michigan

Mar 30, 2022 | Real Estate

Many people don’t know that Warren, Michigan is the third largest city in the state. Centrally located as a suburb of the Motor City, Warren is home to major United States Army research initiatives and a bevy of other major, international industries. An easy commute to the big city and plenty of local amenities make this a popular place to live when it comes to homes near Detroit. Steeped in the performing arts culture, Warren is a popular place to find a buyer with the quality of homes available in the area.

Sell Your Warren Home

Warren, Michigan has seen solid home price growth over the past decade, culminating in further hefty growth over the past year. Zillow pegs the year-over-year growth at a rate of 16.5%, which means that it’s a great time to sell a home in Warren. Home values have appreciated considerably. With the businesses in the area, there is a constant stream of buyers looking to purchase just the right home.

Currently market conditions are still leading to bidding wars and higher offers, navigating the market with a seasoned real estate agent like the ones at REALTEAM ensures your best foot is forward to sell your home. The right listing price can generate the best conditions for a buyer to make an offer. Operating with historical knowledge of the area and the largest collection of homes sold around means that REALTEAM has the real data to help accurately price and sell your home. They are also well equipped to generate the best conditions for a good offer.

Warren, Michigan is an Economic Hub

As Detroit’s largest suburb, it makes a lot of sense that the area would present economic opportunity to its residents. Warren offers plenty of restaurants and breweries with great food and drinks. It further offers convenient access to the city of Detroit. A robust performing arts community means that there is plenty to do.

There are a number of research facilities and historic businesses that call Warren home. Close to the automotive industry in Detroit, Warren housed several research arms of famous companies. In addition, around a quarter of the Sherman tanks produced in World War II were made in Warren because the US Army is heavily invested in the area. The economic engine that drives Warren remains strong.

There are plenty of school options for the area as well. The area is served by a total of six school districts: Warren Woods Public Schools, Warren Consolidated Schools, Fitzgerald Public Schools, Van Dyke Public Schools, Eastpointe Community Schools and Center Line Public Schools. In addition, five more private schools are available in the area. There are also several postsecondary schools, including Davenport University and the South Campus of Macomb Community College.

REALTEAM Sells Homes in Warren

The central hub for REALTEAM is located in Warren. With the many businesses that call the area home, housing is an important link to keep the area moving along. With home prices having increased over the last year, now is the time to sell a home in the area. 

If you have a home in Warren and are thinking about putting your home up for sale, then work with the real estate agents who know the area and possess the proven results when it comes to getting top dollar for homes. REALTEAM agents are dependable, knowledgeable and dedicated to delivering the best results for sellers. Instead of going it alone, opt to work with the best agents in the Michigan real estate business. They’ll sell your home more quickly and with better results.

Ready to make a move? Contact REALTEAM today to begin the process of selling your home backed with the proven expertise of REALTEAM.


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