Tips to Winterize Your Home

Nov 13, 2014 | Advice, Home Improvements, Home Sellers, Real Estate

Guess what?  Winter is coming!  Signals of winter approaching include fresh snowflakes falling, the drop in temperature, and holiday music becoming more prominent.  So, what can you do help protect your home from the rigors of winter weather this year?  Check out these indoor and outdoor home preparation tips for winter:

Outdoor Preparations for Winter

  • Cover your AC Unit
  • Bring your hoses inside so they don’t freeze
  • Winterize your sprinkler system
  • Close off outdoor water spickets
  • Clean your gutters free from leaves and debris (this should be done twice a year – in the spring and in the fall).
  • Remove or cover up any patio furniture and outdoor decor

Interior Preparations for Winter

  • Replace your furnace filters.  Experts say that your furnace should be inspected once a year as well.
  • Check that smoke detectors are working and replace batteries if necessary
  • Make sure your home is air tight from leaks and open pockets of air around doors and windows.
  • Consider covering your windows with plastic if there are leaks and put a door sweep on exterior doors.
  • Clean out your garage since you will most likely be using it more often
  • Make sure your snow blower and generators are ready to go and in working order
  • Stock up on salt for your walkways, steps, and driveway

We hope these tips help you to make it through another winter here in metro Detroit, Michigan.


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